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Samarth Vastu

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About Us

   Samarth Vastu is a professionally managed consulting firm in the field of Occult science Alternative healing and financial market serving the society for more than a decade. We are having the best team working with us, who are having experience in the transformation of ancient knowledge to be use in today’s materialistic world. As a team we are a group of professionals from all the fields with positive attitude towards life. Our Main aim is to achieve financial freedom, emotional freedom for each and every one who connects to us and being part of everyone’s success journey together.

In today world everyone life is with full of stress, mental disturbance and no time to think for oneself. We would like to get into these people lives and help them to come out of their stress, fears, and phobias and help them to identify their true happiness. Emotional health brings physical health and only with healthy body and mind financial health can be achieved. So stay healthy Financially, Physically and Mentally by joining our own success journey. We work on Mind, Body & Surroundings so that one can achieve internal peace. Stay tuned with us on www.heallme.com domain for Health & Fitness.     

Shiva Swarodaya

           Shiva Swarodaya is the conversation between Parvati and Shiva, where Shiva starts introducing the scripts and explaining about the need for maintaining secrecy. It is also known as Swara yoga by Satyananda Saraswati. It is nothing but listening deep sound of one's own breath and taking the decision on the work needs to be carried out on day to day basis. There is concept of Chandra Nadi, Surya Nadi and Susubna Nadi. There are predefined works in each Nadi to be performed for positive results. So after grasping  all these knowledge were we will apply this knowledge in today’s materialistic world?

  • Relations / Things which you need in life can be achieved with ease.
  • Relations can be improved or removed from life.
  • Fruitful interviews or dealings with society.
  • Improve travels & Vehicle will not trouble you much.
  • Improve savings habit & removes unwanted expenses.

Wealth Creation Seminars

Wealth Creation & Financial Management Services

  • One day Practical Program which will help you create Wealth for a lifetime

  • Are you looking to safely earn 2-3 times more than what you earn in a Bank FD?

  • Are you confused where to invest your hard earned money in Gold, Real Estate, Stocks or Bank FD?

  • Are you looking for risk-free and profitable strategies while you are investing your hard earned money?

  • Are you thinking to set aside a corpus for your children's higher education & marriage expenses that beats today's inflation?

  • Are you shocked on seeing your investment like ULIP schemes, Mutual Funds or Stocks failing despite you holding them for long?

  • Are you looking for the Right Stocks to select from over 6000 Stocks in the Stock Market?

  • Are your investments Portfolio making losses despite of having popular blue chips stocks and you wonder what to do?

Then this workshop could be for you.

In this Interactive workshop you will learn

  • Secret of Wealth Creation which has been used by top investors like Warren Buffet

  • Creating the mind-set of a successful investor

  • How to start your journey to wealth creation by saving just INR 1000 per month

  • Investment Strategies which can potentially double your money over the next three years

  • How to use Stock Markets to multiply your money 10-100-1000 times or more in your lifetime

  • Risk Free or Conservative Strategies for you to earn Tax Free double digit returns

  • Do’s & don’t of investing which more than 90% of Investors tend to ignore

  • How to be a successful investor by just investing 2 hours a week

Explore Basics of Investing in Stocks & Mutual Funds (No prior knowledge needed)

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Samarth Confession BOX

Any Individual may confess anything that he or she cannot speak out with anyone. We respect every individual and maintain privacy in much secured way. The service can be physical or virtual and you need not even disclosed your identity. Trust us; this is the best way to overcome any emotional stress & burden created by self. Our consultancy services will help you to correct it in every possible Positive way. More than hundreds of people have already got benefited and are happy with our service.

Services by: - Personal visit, Skype, Tele conversations. Call us to know more.

Samarth EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT is a technique of ancient acupressure/acupuncture & modern Psychology. EFT is more about playing with our own thought and a worldwide proven counselling method. It draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy (TFT). By using EFT you can do miracles with your own body mind and soul. It’s a simple tapping on meridians points along with dialogs. By stimulating the body’s meridian points we can significantly reduce activity in a part of your brain called the amygdala. Think of your amygdala as a personal alarm system. When you experience trauma or fear, the amygdala is triggered and your body is flooded with cortisol, commonly known as the “stress hormone.  We are focus on Financial Freedom, Pain Management, Illness Management, Phobia Management, inferiority complex and any type of Mental Block removal Using EFT technique. 

Services by: - Personal visit, Skype, Tele conversations. Call us to know more.

Samarth Swar Yoga

Swar Yoga is nothing but knowing your own breath. Normal human being is normally breath only from one side of nasal of nose. By observing the own breath you can make your life more comfortable. How to use it for Financial Management, Judging the other person, Right Decision Making is the main concept that we focus on.

Services by: - Personal visit, Skype, Tele conversations. Call us to know more.      

Samarth Mudra Series

Mudra means “seal” or “closure” in Sanskrit. We normally use these gestures mostly in meditation or in pranayama practice to direct the flow of energy within the body by using the hands. Different areas of the hands are connected with areas in the body and the brain. Using this concept we can practically cure many diseases and make our body healthy. Mudra is concept of proactive approach means you should do it when you are healthy to live always a healthy life. Every illness is having a solution in connected mudra. Mudras are very useful to avoid any hereditary illness passing to next generation and also in pain management. Learn it and gift it to next generation. Learn from the experts; watch our videos on YouTube before joining.

Services by: - Personal visit, Skype, Tele conversations. Call us to know more.

Samarth Guided Meditation

Guided imagery meditation is a mind-body intervention by which a trained practitioner helps a participant to evoke and generate mental images that simulate the sensory perception of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, movements, and images associated to openness and peace of mind.   More than thousands of people have already got benefited and are happy with our service. Call us to know more on Guided Mediation Every Weekend.

Services by: - Personal visit, Skype, Tele conversations.

Samarth Acupressure Technique

Acupressure is a therapy developed over 5,000 years ago as an important aspect of Asian, especially Chinese, medicine. It uses precise finger placement and pressure over specific points along the body. These points follow specific channels, known as meridians – the same channels used in acupuncture. By applying pressure to specific points on the palms and feet’s has anaesthetic effect on the corresponding area, organs & meridians in the body, making the patient felt good. Acupressure uses the fingers to press the key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities. When these points are pressed, they release muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood which result into healing process.

This is again proactive method to keep our body healthy but can be use majorly in Pain Management also very good for all generic illness.

Services by: - Personal visit, Skype, Tele conversations. Call us to know more.

Samarth Financial Freedom

Everyone wanted to be rich richer and richest day by day. When it comes to finance you should be rich enough in your thoughts first. Only when we are emotionally rich then only then we can be richer practically materialistic. This is a research project for us and most liked program by our followers. We are mixing Counselling, EFT, Swar Yoga, Auto suggestions, Vastu Energy Rectification for this research.    

Genuine   people with genuine guidance, Be a part of our success story today.

Services by: - Personal visit, Skype, Tele conversations. Call us to know more.

Samarth Vastu Consultation

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to "science of architecture." These are texts found on the Indian subcontinent that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry etc. We are followers of traditional Indian system but not with blind faith, always trying to find the scientific reasoning behind it. 100% of our clients are satisfied as service is available with 100% money back guarantee.

Honesty is very costly don’t expect it from Tom, Dick & Harry.

Services by:-  Personal visit. Call us to know more.

Samarth Tarot Reading

Tarot is traditionally a pack of 78 with five suits, used for fortune-telling and in certain games. The suits are typically swords, cups, pentacles, wands, and a permanent suit of trumps. Followers are enjoying it as more of entertainment game. Actually “Tarot” is a powerful way of revealing the truth about your life you use it for FUN or your own perception

Call us to know one free question answered today.

Services by: - Personal visit, Skype, Tele conversations.

Samarth Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is a claimed energy healing system developed and promoted by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (1952–2007), a Filipino entrepreneur and philanthropist of Chinese descent. The healing modality claims that prana (energy) can heal ailments in the body by contributing to the person's energy field.  We are using this method for remote healing across the globe. Method has worked a lot for our customers across the countries and miracles are happening by the results which we are also amazed. This is one of the best alternate healing methods, with no time, place & presence required.

Services by: - Personal visit, Skype, Tele conversations. Call us to know more.

Samarth Dowsing & Energy Rectification

Pendulum dowsing has also been called "divining" for its ability to provide information and predict the future. The term "pendulum dowsing" is often used to refer to the search for specific targets, while the term "pendulum divining" is most often used in reference to seeking precise information.

We provide this service free of cost for Lost People Discovery.

Services by: - Personal visit, Skype, Tele conversations. Call us to know more.

Samarth Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. This is very useful style of yoga for those who need to seat for longer hours and elderly people were mobility is an issue. It helps in improving strength, improving flexibility, reduce stress, improve mental clarity, & pain management, and reduce stiffness, constipation

You can make your chair as your health conscious device instead of blaming it.

Services by: - Personal visit, Skype, Tele conversations. Call us to know more.

Samarth Stress Management Service

Our Stress Management Service is nothing but learning to live in today. Stress comes with future plantings and expectations in our Life. Using EFT, acupressure points, music, Mudra, guided meditation / visualization, progressive relaxation, self-hypnosis, Auto suggestion, one can reduce their stress.

We all have an inbuilt inner Pharmacy to develop focus and happiness without medicine? Find out!!!

Services by: - Personal visit, Skype, Tele conversations. Call us to know more.

Samarth Career Consultation Service KP Astrology

By birth every individual carries a skillsets within, which sometime he or she may not be aware of. Good or bad are just perceptions respective to every individual. As we are living in materialistic world we conclude success is only wealth gathered by a individual. It is observed that there are people spending 5 years to get a particular degree and later work in the exactly opposite field. For e.g. a Doctor by education working as programmer in IT. In order to avoid such instances get the proper guidance before choosing your carrier. This service works very well when clients are coming with multiple options and we help them to choose a better option among all. This service is also available online all you need is to send us either a email or need to call us, based on the time of your call & date calculation of the query raised by you, we suggest the best option.

Services by: - Personal visit, Skype, Tele conversations. Call us to know more.